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Selling Kabul

by Sylvia Khoury

Northern Stage (2023)

Director: Evren Odcikin

Scenic Designer: Sasha Jin Schwartz

Costume Designer: Dina El-Aziz

Lighting Designer: Maria Shaplin

Sound Designer: Avi Amon

Cultural Consultant/Dramaturg: Humaira Ghilzai

Stage Manager: Colt Luedtke

Intimacy & Fight Choreographer: Rocio Mendez

Photos: Mark Washburn

"The set created by Sasha Schwartz manages to be both homey and yet like a compound. The roofline surrounds the set, which sounds impossible but actually worked beautifully, and is shaped like the mountains which surround Kabul. This whole production is fine art"
-The Herald

"The set by Scenic Designer Sasha Schwartz is credible, seemingly ordinary, family-centric as it is rendered increasingly claustrophobic by the characters' fears. Even the window offers no relief" -Artful

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