is a freelance theater scenic designer and artist based out of Pittsburgh, Boston, and New York. She holds a BFA from Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama with a concentration in Scenic Design. She recently was recognized at the 2019 USITT Young Designers and Technicians Forum, and was the winner of the 2019 Lloyd Weninger Award for Stage Design. She just completed a Scenic Design Fellowship with Chautauqua Theater Company. She has also worked in the studios of Rachel Hauck, Alexander Dodge, and Donyale Werle. Her goal is to create socially important and artistically fulfilling work that prioritizes showcasing diversity of identity. 

Terminer (New Hazlett Theater CSA Series) Scenic Designer
Mind- Body Problem (New Hazlett Theater CSA Series) Scenic Designer
Twelfth Night (Chautauqua Theater Company) Scenic Designer
PIttsburgh Children's Museum Lab Co- Exhibition Designer
George Lange Photo Studio Set Designer
Cry It Out (City Theatre) Assistant Scenic Designer to Anne Mundell
Pittsburgh Opera Paint Charge
Creative Reuse Teaching Artist
Current/ Upcoming Projects:
Photo by Katherine Sharpless
Sasha Schwartz
Scenic Designer & Scenic Artist
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