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by Brenda Withers

Off Peak

Hudson Stage & 59e59 (2022)

Director: Jess Chayes

Scenic Designer: Sasha Jin Schwartz

Costume Designer: Leslie Bernstein

Lighting Designer: Paul Vaillancourt

Sound Designer: Tojo Rasedoara

Assistant Scenic Designer: Jourdan Miller

Executive Producer: Denise Bessette

Stage Manager: Ann Barkin

Photos: Emmanual Faure

"the perfect, utterly familiar set is by Sasha Schwartz"- The New Yorker

"The set of the new play “Off Peak” could have earned its own section in the Umberto Eco essay “Travels in Hyperreality” — doubly so since it is a hyperreal representation of travel. We are in a meticulous facsimile of a Metro-North car, three rows from the door. New Yorkers will be familiar with those blue and maroon vinyl seats, with that floor, encrusted with the grime of a million commutes. A newspaper and a paper coffee cup have been left behind, for good measure. This is so close to life that you expect a conductor to come in at any second"- The New York Times

"Sitting there on stage was a stunningly replicated cut-away section of a Metro North train car, revealing three rows of seats and an exit door"- Broadway World

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