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Dragon Lady

by Sara Porkalob

Pittsburgh Public Theatre (2024)

Director: Andrew Russell

Scenic Designer: Sasha Jin Schwartz

Lighting Designer: Spense G. Matubang

Sound Designer: Erin Bednarz

Composer/Guitar: Pete Irving

Trombone: Jimmy Austin

Bass: Mickey Stylin

Band Manager: Ani Banani

Stage Manager: Kelly Haywood

Assistant Director: Alex Manalo

Photos: Michael Henninger

"Scenic designer Sasha Jin Schwartz's tasteful, low-key stage space always serves rather than overwhelms the action, but she does receive a tear-jerking fluorish of a moment in the play's finale, when Porkalob pays her ultimate tribute to Maria Sr."  - Tales of Lohr

"The set is striking with a modicum of stage props. The center stage is highlighted and framed as an intricate lounge setting for musical numbers. Different stage levels allow Porkalob to move up and down, often showing a different location and/or time as her story unwinds. Kudos to scenic designer Sasha Jin Schwartz" - Burgh Vivant

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