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by Lyam B. Gabel

the dance floor, the hospital room, and the kitchen table

Kelly Strayhorn Theater with Chatham University (2022)

Director & Research: Lyam B. Gabel

Scenic Designer: Sasha Jin Schwartz

Media Designer & Research: Joseph Amodei

Clothing: Jean-Luc Deladurantaye

Lighting Designer: André Segar

Sound Designer: Eben Hoffer

Stage Manager: Leo Liotta

Composer: Kei Slaughter

Assistant Scenic Designer: Peyton Koehler

Featuring and Developed with: Hannah Cornish, Frankie Davis, Owen Ever

Photos: Beth Barbis

The scenic design for 'the dance floor, the hospital room, and the kitchen table' was featured in the 2023 Prague Quadrennial Emerging Designer Exhibit along with the design work of Joseph Amodei (media), André Segar (lighting), and Eben Hoffer (sound).

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