Men on Boats

By Jaclyn Backhaus

(Virtual Production)

Fordham Theatre (2020)

Director: Sarah Elizabeth Wansley

Scenic & Animation Designer:

Sasha Schwartz

Costume Designer: Alyssa Rosenberg

Sound Designer: Melanie Chen Cole

Lighting Designer: Matt Gregg

OBS Specialist: John Kolbinski

Dramaturg/ AD: Emily Hoffert

PSM: Max Breit

SM: Janae Beaver

We had actors set up green screens and studio lights in their rooms and captured their video feeds through Zoom, then used OBS to implement backgrounds and blocking/actor arranging. Stop- motion animation was used to transition between scene locations and establish the action of the river rapids scenes. Most of the production was live, some scenes were pre-recorded and edited together with the animation content. For this new scenic design process I created the backgrounds and animations, edited together the video content, and helped coordinate the technical needs of green screens and virtual show propping.

Intro Animation

Sasha Schwartz
Theater Scenic Designer
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