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The Devil Is A Lie

by Jennifer Chang

Quantum Theatre (2023)

Director: Kyle Haden

Scenic Designer: Sasha Jin Schwartz

Media Designer: Davine Byon

Costume Designer: Grzegorz Labuda

Lighting Designer: C. Todd Brown

Sound Designer: Howard Patterson

Stage Manager: Cory Goddard

Photos: Beth Barbis

"Scenic designer Sasha Schwartz reimagines the space – the Tenant Innovation Center of the Frick Building – into an sumptuous playground for the rich investors – replete with neon piping and Voltaire logos hidden around like Easter eggs" - Burgh Vivant 

"The Devil Is a Lie begins in an area bar, where audience members are welcomed as Voltaire stock-holders and investors. Visible and adjacent is a space transformed into a venue fit to entertain VIPs and make important business and personal announcements. Dominated by a platform, surrounded on three sides by various seating arrangements, this area includes stands built by Quantum’s ingenious design team"- American Theatre Magazine

"The Frick Building’s Tenant Innovation Center serves as an excellent site for Voltaire’s glamourous investor gathering, outfitted in corporate conference infrastructure by set designer Sasha Schwartz"- Pittsburgh City Paper

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